International Travel Insurance and Trip Insurance Options

Our International and Trip Insurance Options: Select the choice that matches your travel plans.

Products One

Short Term Travel Medical Insurance:
1 week - 1 year.

Policies geared toward the average vacation or extended stay. Medical coverage only, geared toward any type of medical emergency from getting sick to extended hospital stays. Most policies cover repatriation of remains, family member reunion in times of crisis and return of minor children. Minimal underwriting to obtain. Most pre-exisiting conditions will not be covered. Compare this insurance to others on this page.

Long term Travel Medical Insurance
6 mos.-1 year or more

Immigrants, Expats and Travellers going away for at least one year. The plans are anually renewable, so they can replace your domestic insurance coverage or supplement it. These plans require medical underwriting (qualification). To see how these plans compare with others on this page Click Here Not sure if you should replace your current insurance policy?
Products Three
Trip Insurance
Planning a trip is exciting, having your plans ruined by unforseen and unavoidable events is heartbreaking. Insure your trip, if something does go wrong you can go again and not lose your investment. To see how these policies compare with others on this page Click Here

Health Insurance Sailors and Cruisers
Health Insurance for Sailors and Cruisers, as well as professional captains and their crews or independant crew members.

youth group and exchange student travel insurance

Youth Group and Exchange Students

Travelling abroad is an unbelieveable experience for our students and young people, going without insurance is foolish. Let us help find an easily affordable plan for your child before they go abroad.


evacuation insurance from an old hospital to yours Evacuation Insurance
Hospitals in other parts of the world or even other parts of the country are great, but nothing beats getting cared for by your family. Evacuation insurance can get you from any hospital in the world back to your hospital in your home town so you can get the best care, both from your doctors and your family.
international business insurance for individuals corporations and groups

International Business Medical
Plans for the frequent business traveller abroad, as well as group policies for the whole comapany. Don't leave open the doors of liability by sending works abroad without proper health coverage.

missionary international insurance god doing gods work

Missoinary Health Insurancecaution penguin insurance
Doing the work of the Lord is important, but you can't do the work you were called to do if your are sick and out of commission. Before you go abroad make sure you have an International health insurance policy that will cover you no mater where you are called to go.